Tai Lopez – The Real Truth

So you want to know the truth about Tai Lopez? He’s pretty much taken over social media in the past couple of years and his ads are everywhere but who the heck is he and can you really trust his message?

In my honest opinion Tai Lopez is a good guy and has a lot of good information to share and in this article I’m going to share my honest opinion and what I believe is the real truth about Tai Lopez.


One thing that really made me laugh was an article I just came across that was slating Tai Lopez and calling him a scammer. One of the specific things in this article that made me laugh was that the person said Tai always goes on about billionaires like Elon Musk (founder of Tesla) and this person said you can’t learn anything from someone who has built a billion dollar business from scratch. Is this guy for real? Of course you can learn everything about business in my opinion from someone like that.

Unfortunately there are many ignorant people in the world who don’t understand much and it’s often hard to argue with these people. There’s a famous saying, “don’t argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”. I’ve personally found this to be true and the internet just further proves that.

There are a number of reasons why Tai is legit and not a scammer. Here’s just a few reasons:

  • He’s too big to be a scammer – This guy has over 1 billion minutes of video play time on YouTube and has reached over 100 million people. If he was a scammer he would have been shut down by authorities a long time ago.
  • He hangs around with big name celebrities – Sports stars and business people know him, have been to his house and regularly spend time with him hanging out at sports events. If he was a scammer they would not associate with him.
  • He’s been featured in Forbes, Business Inc and other big publications

Now I know some people will say yeah but those people are just going round his house because he’s inviting them or paying them or whatever. Trust me guys like Mark Cuban (the billionaire) have a lot more important things to be doing than hanging out with scammers. Tai had Mark Cuban over his house for an interview and to literally just hang out, talk books, business and play basketball. This was clearly not your typical “interview” as these two guys had chemistry and got on great together.

Let’s look at some clear BS theories about Tai Lopez…

Tai’s A Scammer Because He Charges For Information…

This is one of the big reasons people believe Tai Lopez is a scam. They say oh if he’s made so much money why can’t he give the information away for free. Well let me ask you a question, if that statement is true then why isn’t college free?

College can cost multiple 6-figures yet the majority of people don’t call college a scam? The programs that Tai sells are nowhere near as expensive as college yet if you apply the principles they have the potential to make you a lot more money in my opinion.

You pay 6-figures to get a college degree and you have no guarantee of getting a job or earning a good income after college? To me that sounds like a bigger scam than what Tai is doing yet nobody worries about that.

Tai’s House & Cars Are Rented…

It always makes me laugh when people say Tai rents his house. Tai lives in Beverly Hills in a mansion with many bedrooms, a huge swimming pool and even a basketball court. Whether he rents it or not who actually cares? Do you have any idea how much it costs to rent a mansion like that? You are literally talking between $50k to $100k per month to rent that kind of property so even if he does rent it, that’s still some serious money to be spending each month which shows he makes a lot of money.

Also the cars, people say he rents his Ferrari, Lamborghini and recent additions he’s made such as his Rolls Royce Ghost, Dawn and Aventador. Whether the guy rents/leases them or owns them, they still cost a lot of money and I’ve been following Tai for about 18 months now. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been “renting” his Lamborghini for 18 months. The amount of money he would have spent “renting” it he could have bought one, so I think it’s obvious that he does own or lease these cars.

The Biggest Problem…

In my opinion the biggest problem people have is that they are ignorant. Ignorance is such a huge thing and it’s a big problem in todays society. People are know it alls and they are so ignorant it’s frightening. Instead of looking at the facts people just jump to conclusions because they already think they know the real truth.

The Real Truth (In My Opinion…)

In my opinion Tai Lopez is someone who had success with other businesses in the past and probably found himself in a nice life with money and wondering how he could grow. He decided to become an advisor to other businesses and then from there decided he could help more than just other successful businesses.

So he first created his book club which is the biggest book club in the world, and from that he branched out and started helping other people to the point where he is now an online celebrity with millions of people who watch and follow him across social media.

Tai no doubt makes a fortune selling informational programs and being an affiliate for other people. In fact I have NO DOUBTS this is where Tai makes the majority of his money now as I estimate he’s making maybe 20 to 30 million a year from this.

However that DOES NOT make him a scammer. This guy gives away far more for free than he charges for. I have never personally bought anything from Tai, yet I continue to follow him and gain a lot of knowledge and information for free.

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